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Alberto Mingardi: March 2014

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The "war on tobacco" has long been one of the priorities of governments' healthcare policies all over the world. Libertarians tend to be skeptical of the very idea. If we deem the individual to be the legitimate owner of her... MORE

A survey on communist symbols

Economic History
Alberto Mingardi
The CRCE is a long standing think tank that worked on the subject of communism and, later, on transitions from communism. They recently published a survey on communist symbols in former socialist countries. By communist symbols, they mean those pieces... MORE

The Free Exchange Economist blog recently published a nice celebration of Hayek's "The Road to Serfdom", that was published some 70 years ago. It might not be Hayek's best book, but it is still the most popular one. It enjoyed... MORE

An excellent book review

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
Writing a good book review is not an easy job. I've been writing book reviews regularly, for some years now. I am also a big consumer of book reviews. I suspect it is so because I am very grateful to... MORE

George Soros, speculator and proud

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
George Soros has a new book, "The Tragedy of the European Union. Disintegration or Revival?" that consists of a series of interviews with Gregor Peter Schmitz, Europe Correspondent for the German magazine Der Spiegel. The book is sometimes very interesting... MORE

The European Union versus the e-cig

Economics of Health Care
Alberto Mingardi
In December last year we discussed the new European directive on tobacco products. It has been approved, and includes, as Andy Coghlan reports on the New Scientist, "strict conditions on how e-cigarettes can be formulated, advertised and sold". Now, if... MORE

An update on Mr. Renzi

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
In a comment to my blog post on Mr Renzi, the new Italian prime minister, Shane L has posed a very interesting question: I wonder if, in the same sense that only Nixon could go to China, only a respected... MORE

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