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Alberto Mingardi: May 2014

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OpenEurope on the European vote

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
OpenEurope has published a thoughtful flash analysis of the European elections. It is well worth reading (here). The two key points: - Share of anti-EU and anti-establishment vote is slightly higher than expected with such parties collectively on course to... MORE

Eating out. The wisdom of Tyler Cowen

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
The way in which we think and the way we write is greatly influenced by the authors we read. This applies especially to those we read daily: journalists, and now bloggers. When their style is distinctive and vivid, we often... MORE

The Great Society at 50

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
Fifty years ago, Lyndon Johnson gave his famous "Great Society" address at the University of Michigan. In an interesting essay on "The Great Society at 50", AEI's Nicholas Eberstadt presents a very balanced and nuanced account of the "Great Society",... MORE

"One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws," so goes the old, venerable quote by Martin Luther King. But what about unjust regulations? Typically businesses play by the rules. Some of them play with the rules, by engaging in... MORE

Healthcare... The return of the Singapore model

Economics of Health Care
Alberto Mingardi
Last week, in one of his Undercover economist columns, Tim Harford asked If the US healthcare system is financially incontinent and the UK system is reliant on a centralised and philosophically troubling cost-benefit analysis, is there some other better way?... MORE

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