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Alberto Mingardi: June 2014

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Remembering Ken Minogue

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
On June 28 one year ago, Kenneth Minogue, Emeritus Professor of Political Science of Political Science at the London School of Economics, passed away on a plane flying between the island of San Cristobal, in the Galapagos arcipelago, and... MORE

Poverty and "enterprise facilitators"

Alberto Mingardi
Ernesto Sirolli once worked in the industry of foreign aid - but soon realised he was far from having the impact he dreamt about. In this remarkable TED talk he explains his first hand experience with the sort of attitudes... MORE

Shall business defend "capitalism"?

Economics and Culture
Alberto Mingardi
John McTernan, a former political secretary to Tony Blair, had an interesting article in the FT. He urges "British businesses urgently need to become actively involved in politics". Mr McTernan is actually urging companies to join the debate on Scotland and the... MORE

France to ban e-cigs

Economics of Health Care
Alberto Mingardi
E-cigarettes continue to be a burning issue. Vapers are still a new product, and therefore call for regulators' attention. The newest is that France is preparing to consider e-cigarettes tantamount to real ones. Apparently, a new bill is going to... MORE

Taxi drivers of the world, unite!

Regulation and Subsidies
Alberto Mingardi
On Wednesday last week, taxi drivers all over Europe protested and went on strike against Uber. Uber is set to conquer the European market, in spite of allegations of illegality of the services it provides under current EU regulations. Uber... MORE

Frank Furedi on euroskepticism

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
Sociologist Frank Furedi frequently contributes to Spiked, one of the most interesting on line publications. He is always well worth reading, but I would particularly recommend this article of his on the last European election. Furedi calls out attention on... MORE

Happy birthday, Adam Smith

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
Some 291 years ago today, Adam Smith was born. Richard Ebeling has an insightful article that beautifully introduces to the contemporary reader the "father of economics". Scott Sumner pointed out that, according to Thomas PIketty, Smith "had more political prejudices... MORE

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