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Alberto Mingardi: October 2014

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Krugman on Amazon

Business Economics
Alberto Mingardi
What does it mean that Amazon has "too much power"? Paul Krugman has published a vehement column on the online retailer, arguing basically that Amazon enjoys a significant "market power" vis-à-vis publishers. He refers to the feud between Amazon and... MORE

Leonard Liggio RIP

Alberto Mingardi
The name of Leonard Liggio won't say much to non libertarians: but it means a lot to the insiders of the libertarian movement. Leonard, who passed away yesterday, was a great and benevolent figure in this movement of ours. He... MORE

Fawcett's Liberalism

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
On the Library of Law and Liberty website, I have a long review of Edmund Fawcett's book "Liberalism: The Life of an Idea". Fawcett writes well and his book is a pleasant read. But he considers "liberalism" such a vague... MORE

A 13 minute primer on DeirdreMcCloskeyanism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
Alberto Mingardi
I had the good fortune, in the last couple of weeks, to spend a good deal of time with Deirdre McCloskey. My Institute, Istituto Bruno Leoni, invited her to Italy for a series of seminars and lectures, including the keynote... MORE

Is "spontaneous order" such a very bad idea?

Central Planning vs. Local Knowledge
Alberto Mingardi
A few days ago, Damon Linker at The Week published an article deeming "spontaneous order" "the silliest and most harmful of all" libertarian ideas. Will Wilkinson (here) and Nick Gillespie (here) have written well pondered responses. Linker's article is as... MORE

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