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Alberto Mingardi: December 2014

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Cheap clothes and the marvels of globalization

Austrian Economics
Alberto Mingardi
Jeffrey Tucker, the founder of and a distinguished fellow at FEE, writes beautifully. A scholar of Henry Hazlitt ("The People's Austrian", to quote the title of an old essay of his), Tucker is one of the few people that... MORE

France seeks liberalizations, but bans Uber

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
Mixed signals from France. The Financial Times, among others, has stressed the potential of the liberalisation plan pursued by the new Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron. The bill aims at lowering barriers to entry in liberal professions--notaries, pharmacists, et cetera. The... MORE

Boudreaux on capitalism and slavery

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
Don Boudreaux has an insightful letter to Slate. Let me just single out one sentence, which beautifully summarizes Don's arguments: If slave-grown cotton were a key spur to capitalism, it's difficult to understand why a booming capitalist revolution never occurred... MORE

Cotton, slavery and capitalism

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
I am still waiting for my copy of Sven Beckert's "Empire of Cotton: A Global History", which Amazon promised me for January. But I have read Eric Herschthal's review in Slate, and I am a bit perplexed. Herschthal offers qualified... MORE

Desrochers on synthetic dyes

Central Planning vs. Local Knowledge
Alberto Mingardi
Pierre Desrochers abridged a 2008 article of his into a most interesting article for "Spike" on the development of synthetic dyes. The following is its conclusion: Sustainable-development theorists' aversion to, and environmental activists' dislike for, synthetic products, long-distance trade and... MORE

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