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Alberto Mingardi: February 2015

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Ebeling on Mises, the Applied Economist

Austrian Economics
Alberto Mingardi
The Liberty Fund has recently made available on line the introductions, written by Richard Ebeling, to the three volumes of "Selected Essays" by Ludwig von Mises that he edited some ten years ago. That project developed out of the discovery,... MORE

How much for a book dedication...?

Business Economics
Alberto Mingardi
Peter Jaworski and Jason Brennan are conducting an interesting experiment. They wrote a book, to be published by Routledge, on "commodification"--one of the evils of capitalist societies, according to anti-market intellectuals at least since Marx. But even non-Marxists frequently argue... MORE

Mr Nutella and consumer sovereignty

Alberto Mingardi
Italian industrialist Michele Ferrero passed away last week, at age 89. See his obituary on the New York Times. Though Italians are not very friendly either to entrepreneurship or to businesses generally, the country is home to many great entrepreneurs.... MORE

Tim Montgomerie, a British blogger and the founder of the successful website ConservativeHome, has an article on CapX which anticipates a new project he'll be running for the Legatum Institute. Montgomerie argues that capitalism, to work properly, needs "vigorous virtues",... MORE

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