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Alberto Mingardi: March 2015

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Truly Notable and Quotable

Alberto Mingardi
The Wall Street Journal often provides its readers with eye-opening arguments in the "Notable and Quotable" column hosted in its editorial page. On March 13, the WSJ quoted William Baumol, Robert Litan, and Carl Schramm, "Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism, and... MORE

On libertarian strategies

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
Sometimes libertarians remark that they spend too much time thinking about liberty, and not quite enough attempting to spread it. Well, in my experience, libertarians do talk a lot about "political strategy." The weird thingĀ is that for people who tend... MORE

Greece and tax sadist tourism

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
The arm wrestling over Greece may be more serious than it originally appeared to many. The Greek government has submitted a draft list of reforms to unlock new financial aid. So far, the other European partners appear to be unimpressed... MORE

Uber reacts to the Spanish ban

Alberto Mingardi
One thing that regulators, and regulation's enthusiasts, rarely get is that private businesses will do their best to off-set the impact regulation has on them. This is particularly true in instances in which regulation is considered the second-best option to... MORE

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