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Alberto Mingardi: April 2015

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In an op-ed for the Financial Times, former EU Competition Commissioner Mario Monti took the opportunity of the antitrust probe into Google to characterize antitrust as "a policy made in Brussels that works." Putting aside any consideration of the Google... MORE

Google and the EU foreign policy

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
The European Commission is opening an investigation on Google, for alleged anti-competitive practices. The EC is concerned that "the company has given an unfair advantage to its own comparison shopping service, in breach of EU antitrust rules". Wayne Crews has... MORE

Is Ciudadanos a hope for Spain?

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
With the UK and Spain going to the ballot box in the next few months, European politics is certainly more than Greece, at the moment. We know that the polls are rather foggy about England, but Spanish politics risks becoming... MORE

Will the EU help Uber?

Alberto Mingardi
The Financial Times reports that the European Commission is planning an in-depth study into the European taxi market, most likely to find a way out to the Uber dead end in which quite a few member-states are finding themselves. Opposition... MORE

Why is House of Cards more popular than Yes Minister?

Economics and Culture
Alberto Mingardi
The short answer to the question is: because it is a Netflix production with Kevin Spacey and the absolutely wonderful Robin Wright. But yet, let's assume there's more to that. "House of Cards" and "Yes Minister" are two interesting contributions... MORE

The socialism of the Incas

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
Before the Mont Pelerin Society's meeting in Lima, Peru, beautifully organized by Enrique Ghersi, I took three days off and visited Cuzco and Machu Picchu. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend the trip--though I'd suggest you take more... MORE

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