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Alberto Mingardi: May 2015

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Uber banned in Milan too

Alberto Mingardi
Uber has been banned in different countries in Europe, including Germany, France, and Spain, where the company has evolved its business model in the direction of transporting goods. As you may know, we Italians are often latecomers to new trends:... MORE

Madrid turns left - and Europe too?

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
Spain voted on Sunday in a number of administrative jurisdictions. These were local elections, so one should not underestimate the local peculiarities that may have influenced the outcome. However, the big news is that the Popular (Christian-Democrats) and the Socialist... MORE

Milan is hosting the 2015 Expo fair. I live and work in Milan, and thus I hope it goes well: that the fair attracts visitors (apparently some 10 million tickets have been sold) and brings many to enjoy the beauties... MORE

Free trade and the Expo in Milan

Trade Barriers
Alberto Mingardi
In 1851, the London Great Exhibition was promoted by Prince Albert and a Royal Commission that included, among others, William Gladstone and Richard Cobden, the great apostle of free trade who conducted the campaign that led to the abolition of... MORE

Would you vote for Tyrion Lannister?

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
On the Liberty and Law blog, Mike Rappaport has an interesting post on the politics of Game of Thrones. I got caught up in Game of Thrones by the HBO TV series, which is marvellously engaging. Then I started to... MORE

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