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Alberto Mingardi: July 2015

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Another referendum for Mr Tsipras

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
On July 5th, the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras polled his fellow citizen in a referendum on "austerity" and the then-available European deal. Since he has since subscribed to a more "austere" deal, Tsipras now has problems with his own... MORE

McArdle (and the Pope) on air conditioning

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
Alberto Mingardi
Megan McArdle has a most enjoyable piece on air conditioning. It is true that when we Europeans are traveling, sometimes it is more difficult to "adjust" to air conditioning than to the time zone. We have the impression that Americans... MORE

Re-regulation in the UK

Energy, Environment, Resources
Alberto Mingardi
For quite a while, the British electricity market (in itself, an interesting case of successful liberalisation) has been the object of a campaign aiming at its re-regulation. Now it is the turn of the British Competition & Markets Authority (the... MORE

Hayek made simple

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
Don Boudreaux has an excellent new little book, "The Essential Hayek". It is a remarkable work in a number of ways. Boudreaux and the publisher--the Vancouver-based Fraser Institute--are leveraging the Internet to make Hayek's work accessible to a wider audience.... MORE

Two concepts of "austerity"

Economics and Culture
Alberto Mingardi
On "Spiked" (a must-read on line magazine), Brendan O'Neill has written a powerful and most courageous article on the word "austerity" and how it creates confusion (for an egregious example, see Mark Blyth's book on the subject). O'Neill points out... MORE

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