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Alberto Mingardi: December 2015

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Anthony de Jasay awarded the ECAEF Prize

Alberto Mingardi
Anthony de Jasay has been awarded the first "ECAEF Prize for Thinkers for the 3rd Millennium". This is a much deserved recognition, for de Jasay has set a standard for clarity of thought that is seldom matched by others. Regarding... MORE

Citizen statesmen no more

Politics and Economics
Alberto Mingardi
I watched the Republican debate and followed it on Twitter, as I'm sure many of you did. As somebody who cannot possibly vote in this race, I found it in many ways surprising. Particularly given the fact the debate was... MORE

Schengen, adieu

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
A few weeks ago I flew in and out of France - and I had to show my identity card at passport control. This was not that much of a nuisance, to be fair, and security officers were most kind,... MORE

Transport for London, the licensing authority for London's taxi and private hire industries, has run a consultation over some proposals for regulating minicabs in London. Alex Chisholm, chief executive of the Competition and Markets Authority, has published an op-ed in... MORE

I hope readers will forgive me for a little conflict-of-interest post. A few weeks ago, my Institute celebrated its annual dinner in Milan. In this occasion, we award the annual "Bruno Leoni Prize". Conceived to honor the memory of Bruno... MORE

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