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Alberto Mingardi: February 2016

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Cash and freedom

Alberto Mingardi
In 2014, John Cochrane authored this beautiful post in defence of cash. I'm never tired of pointing it to people's attention, as he makes so many important points. Olivia Townsend has an interesting piece on CapX, in which she comments... MORE

Uber for welfare?

Political Economy
Alberto Mingardi
We should Uberize our safety net. This might appear to be a bold statement but it is actually rather commonsensical. Cesare Rhonda and Derek Khanna have put the idea forward in an interesting op-ed for Politico. The so-called sharing economy... MORE

On Meddling

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
Alberto Mingardi
Thanks to a Facebook recommendation by Tom Palmer, I've got my hands on "Meddling. On the Virtue of Leaving Others Alone" by John Lachs. It's a splendid little book, philosophically dense but written in a way which makes it completely... MORE

Trevor Burrus on Justice Scalia

Alberto Mingardi
Justice Scalia died on February 13th. For those who knew him, it's a shock. It sounds a bit weird, but I think that it was Bill Clinton who put it best, by saying that "he was so full of life... MORE

Foglia on Piketty and inequalities

Property Rights
Alberto Mingardi
Thomas Piketty's "Capital in the 21st Century" has been widely debated. So, one wonders if there is anything new that could actually be added at this point. I found this article by Antonio Foglia quite intriguing. I shall disclose that... MORE

Making capitalism more attractive

Economic History
Alberto Mingardi
A well-known economic journalist, Hugo Dixon, published an op-ed in the New York Times on "How to make capitalism more appealing". I wholeheartedly agree with one of his points: "The classic left-wing response to the perceived unfairness of capitalism has... MORE

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