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Alberto Mingardi: March 2016

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Booth on the ethics of economic preaching

Economic Education
Alberto Mingardi
I've already pointed out that I think free-marketers are underestimating the impact of Mariana Mazzucato's work. Her book "The Entrepreneurial State" has made her a public persona; she is an effective speaker, and I fear in the next few years... MORE

Innovative bureaucracies?

Alberto Mingardi
I am afraid people on the free-market side have generally underestimated the impact of Marianna Mazzucato's book, The Entrepreneurial State. Mazzucato's work has been reviewed glowingly by Martin Wolf and embraced by many of the left as exposing an untold... MORE

Last week we received the sad news that economist Sergio Ricossa died at age 88, after a long illness. Ricossa was the doyen of Italy's libertarians. A couple of decades ago he was better known in international circle, as he... MORE

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