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Alberto Mingardi: April 2016

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Vargas Llosa on populism and perfectionism

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Alberto Mingardi
Mario Vargas Llosa has recently turned 80: his birthday was saluted with a great celebration in Madrid, with a two-days conference organised by the Fundacion Internacional Libertad. Vargas Llosa gave a splendid speech at his birthday dinner, along the lines... MORE

I shall confess that I haven't seen "Batman vs Superman". Yet I'm fascinated by the fact the superhero blockbuster is spurring some political discussion. National Review's Armond White liked the movie, to the point of writing that "Snyder's thrillingly intelligent... MORE

Autism and the iPad

Alberto Mingardi
For Autism acceptance month, Apple has delivered a short, beautiful video concerning how its own technologies (nothing fancier than the iPad and some Apps) are helping people with learning disabilities to live a better life. When we think of how... MORE

Olivier Gergaud, Morgane Laou√©nan and √Čtienne Wasmer present in a column a most fascinating work. They "collected a database of 1,243,776 notable people and 7,184,575 locations (Geolinks) associated with them throughout human history (3000BCE-2015AD)". Their findings are also available... MORE

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