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Alberto Mingardi: May 2016

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Goldberg on McCloskey and Spencer

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
Jonah Goldberg has an excellent post on "Social Darwinism", in which he builds on a potential imprecision by Deirdre McCloskey, who published a piece in the Wall Street Journal abridging her new, wonderful book "Bourgeois Equality". Goldberg singles out this... MORE

Prices on everything, please

Alberto Mingardi
When it comes to the "informatization" of society, I suspect Italy followed a path that is shared by some other countries. 63% of families own a personal computer, whereas 93% own a cellphone. Most of these cellphones are smartphones: and... MORE

David Bowie, Bourgeois Hero?

Economic Philosophy
Alberto Mingardi
A book review by Samuel Goldman on The American Conservative alerted me to "We Can Be Heroes: The Radical Individualism of David Bowie" by Robert Dean Lurie, a short e-book whose title is self-explanatory. I shall confess I wasn't much... MORE

Camille Paglia on making a career in ideas

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
Alberto Mingardi
Tyler Cowen's conversation with Camille Paglia is a must watch. The two are a very good match and the conversation is most entertaining. Paglia is very Paglia-esque on Harold Bloom, how the first feminists admired and didn't despise men, George... MORE

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