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Alberto Mingardi: July 2016

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In this rather entertaining video, Boris Johnson is taken to task for some of his rather flamboyant past witticisms. Johnson, now Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom since Theresa May ascended to the prime minister's office, is a writer and... MORE

The Economist and Star Trek Beyond

Pop culture
Alberto Mingardi
I recently watched "Star Trek Beyond" and liked it a lot. Visually, I think it's one of the most astonishing science fiction movies ever. The USS Enterprise "parking" inside a space station is perhaps the single most impressive scene I've... MORE

Jeff Bezos on innovation

Alberto Mingardi
Jeff Bezos was recently interview by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Asked by digital editor Massimo Russo "what is the recipe for innovation", he gave a phenomenal answer: Easy: to improve our customers' experience. To be genuinely innovative, innovation needs... MORE

Harold James on globalisation and migrants

International Trade
Alberto Mingardi
Harold James has a piece on the backlash against globalisation and the immigration debate. For James, antipathy for globalisation isn't anything new, but whereas at first it used to be nostalgia for economic nationalism, by now it has morphed into... MORE

Anthony de Jasay on Pope Francis

moral reasoning
Alberto Mingardi
On EconLib, Anthony de Jasay has an excellent couple of articles on Pope Francis (one and two). The title might upset a few readers, though: "Che Guevara in the Vatican." Jasay points out perceptively that this latter-day arch-critic of capitalism,... MORE

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