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Alberto Mingardi: August 2016

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Italy's cultural voucher for 18 year olds

Economics and Culture
Alberto Mingardi
Tyler Cowen links to this piece by Cara Giaimo on an initiative of the Italian government: a € 500 euro bonus that youngsters can cash in as they turn 18. If I read him correctly, Tyler is moderately positive... MORE

The intellectual as a celebrity

Pop culture
Alberto Mingardi
The Financial Times has published a collective interview on "how to detox digitally in the sun": that is, a set of conversations with famous people on tips to make the most out of your holidays. This is, typically, material for... MORE

Isn't industrial policy an ideology too?

Economic Philosophy
Alberto Mingardi
Those British libertarians who went for Brexit were somehow disappointed by Theresa May easily winning the contest for Tory leadership. It's quite easy to understand why: in her inaugural speech, she longed for an "industrial strategy" for post-Brexit Britain. See... MORE

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