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Alberto Mingardi: March 2017

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Dan Klein on Scott Gottlieb

Alberto Mingardi
Dan Klein comments on Donald Trump's FDA nominee for the Heartland Institute. Klein, with Alex Tabarrok, edits the FDA Review project of the Independent Institute. On Gottlieb, Klein is very positive: Scott Gottlieb is not a William Lloyd Garrison, but... MORE

Can fiscal transfers solve the Eurozone's problems?

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
I take a skeptical view in an article for I don't think transfers will automatically produce economic convergence. My point is based on the Italian experience, which I summarise this way: Since its unification in the nineteenth century, Italy... MORE

The eclipse of classical liberalism

Economic Philosophy
Alberto Mingardi
The Molinari Institute led by Roderick Long deserves great credit for having discovered and republished a splendid little essay by Edwin Godkin, the founder of the magazine The Nation. The article, "The Eclipse of Liberalism", was published in 1900 and... MORE

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