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Alberto Mingardi: September 2017

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Friedman on Trump

Public Choice Theory
Alberto Mingardi
Jeffrey Friedman has published a series of posts, on the Niskanen Center's blog, on Donald Trump and "populism". Friedman's work (consider for example his excellent book on the financial crisis, co-written with Wladimir Kraus) is always thoughtful. In this... MORE

Himmelfarb on the Fabians

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
I'm an unabashed admirer of historian Gertrude Himmelfarb. One of the many. Her work is always illuminating, erudite, and typically a rather splendid read. I was most happy to see a new book by her, published in 2017 by... MORE

Tough Talk for Venezuela?

Foreign Policy
Alberto Mingardi
American threats often allow rather terrible regimes to flex their muscles and build up greater consensus. In Venezuela, the government held nationwide armed forces exercises on Saturday, calling on civilians to join reserve units to defend against a possible attack... MORE

Minogue on intellectuals and politics

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
Alberto Mingardi
On Liberty and Its Enemies is a posthumous collection of essays by the late Ken Minogue. When Ken died, right after the 2013 Mont Pelerin meeting in the Galapagos Islands (the paper he gave there is included in the... MORE

Rajan on inequalities and the rise of populism

Politics and Economics
Alberto Mingardi
Raghuram Rajan recently gave a speech in Chicago on inequalities. Unfortunately the text is not available on line, but at "Pro Market" we can find a synthesis. Though most of it is hardly original, it seems to me that Rajan... MORE

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