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Alberto Mingardi: November 2017

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Again on intellectuals and capitalism / 3 of 3

Economics and Culture
Alberto Mingardi
Social media have democratised the way in which public opinion takes shape. There are a number of non-vocational wordsmiths that compete with professional ones and, when it comes to creating and maintaining a "following", it is not clear that the... MORE

Again on intellectuals and capitalism / 2 of 3

Politics and Economics
Alberto Mingardi
Instead of anti-capitalism we might talk about "economic orthopedics." "Why do intellectuals oppose capitalism?" is a central question for 20th century classical liberals, and I think confronting answers is a good way to clarify what makes for different "styles" of... MORE

Again on intellectuals and capitalism / 1 of 3

Pop culture
Alberto Mingardi
A few readers have reacted to my post on Gertrude Himmelfarb and "why intellectuals hate capitalism" and pointed out that we are not actually sure that capitalism is less popular among intellectuals than among other social groups. A few years... MORE

Himmelfarb on why intellectuals hate capitalism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
Alberto Mingardi
It is not the fault of capitalism that the common man does not appreciate uncommon books. ~Ludwig von Mises There are many gems in Gertrude Himmelfarb's Past and Present. The Challenges of Modernity, from the Pre-Victorians to the Postmodernists. One... MORE

Allan Meltzer, libertarian institutionalist

Alberto Mingardi
Chris De Muth has written a wonderful tribute to Allan Meltzer. It is a piece that accounts for a strong bond of personal friendship that goes beyond intellectual esteem. DeMuth brought Meltzer to the American Enterprise Institute as a Visiting... MORE

Kling on Bruno Leoni

Book Club
Alberto Mingardi
Arnold Kling has published on EconLib a fine article on Bruno Leoni's Freedom and the Law. Leoni passed away fifty years ago, on November 21. The Liberty Fund has kept in print Freedom and the Law, Leoni's book which originated... MORE

Catalonia and common sense

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
If we can't live without states, then, it may be better to have actually _more_ of them. As the President of the Catalonian region and wannabe government Carles Puigdemont flew for Belgium, the entire cause of Catalan secessionism appears endangered.... MORE

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