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Alberto Mingardi: December 2017

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I can't wait for Ilya Somin's comments on Star Wars: the Last Jedi. Among his many virtues, Somin is a true scholar of Star Wars' politics (listen to him here). As we wait for his in-depth analysis, I'd like... MORE

Doherty on libertarians and Bitcoin

Alberto Mingardi
I think it was Baron Nathan Rothschild who used to answer the question "how did you get rich?" with "I always sell too soon". That may not apply to Bitcoin early adopters, who are the subject of a fascinating piece... MORE

The sad paradox of free markets

Politics and Economics
Alberto Mingardi
In a really interesting post on on zoning and congestion pricing, John Cochrane nails it: The sad paradox of free markets is that free markets do not need people to understand them to work. But democracy does require voters to... MORE

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