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Alberto Mingardi: January 2018

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Hope for Italy? Well, hope never dies...

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
David has kindly linked into a new post by Alvin Rabushka on the possible adoption of a flat tax in Italy after the next elections. Rabushka travels the world promoting flatter taxes, and I can understand why he's happy with... MORE

Secession and liberty: A reply to Pierre Lemieux

Politics and Economics
Alberto Mingardi seems to me that what fits within classical liberalism is a defense of the right to secede, and such right should be uphold no matter what is the possible output, when it comes to political economy choices, of the... MORE

Carillion and the reputation of privatisations

Political Economy
Alberto Mingardi
"Privatisations" were done to make again room for the private sector, and for government officials to stop managing a particular business. In reality, of course, the boundaries may be blurred... Instances of classical liberal-leaning (critics would say: neo-liberal) government were... MORE

Fiscal illusions are "errors [...] that the political elite uses to reach its objectives" and these errors concern both "revenue" and "public expenditure. I recommend this piece by Marco Valerio Lo Prete for London-based consultancy MacroGeo. The theme is... MORE

A digital ID for all?

Alberto Mingardi
Does a national ID strike you as an encroachment on individual liberty? Would it be just another nuisance? What if this nuisance is compensated with substantial benefits... The Wall Street Journal ran an interview by Tunku Varadarajan with former... MORE

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