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Alberto Mingardi: February 2018

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That great classical liberal novel you never heard of

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
Alberto Mingardi
Alessandro Manzoni was the Italian Dickens. Perhaps Walter Scott may be a more fitting comparison, as Manzoni's novel, The Betrothed, is indeed a great historical novel. But Manzoni's impact has been similar to Dickens's. Manzoni wrote plays and poems,... MORE

Very few people have used the seemingly sensible argument that there is little use in arguing against public debt when borrowing is so cheap. "El vulgo admira mas lo confuso que lo complejo." My rough translation: the people admire... MORE

Italian elections update

Eurozone crisis
Alberto Mingardi
A government that doesn't do much is highly preferable than one that does harm. Italian elections are fast approaching: they'll be held on March 4. I think there is so far an unnatural/uncanny sense of composure surrounding the ballot. I... MORE

RIP Nick Phillipson

Alberto Mingardi
I was very sad to learn that Nicholas Phillipson has passed away. Philipson was a magnificent historian of the so-called Scottish Enlightenment. He wrote a brilliant book on David Hume (The Philosopher as Historian) and a masterpiece biography of Adam... MORE

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