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Amy Willis: September 2016

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In a campaign season here in the United States that seems more like a shouting match than politics, this week's EconTalk episode raises an interesting question. According to guest John Cochrane, a.k.a. The Grumpy Economist, the main issue that... MORE

Weekend Grab Bag

Economic Education
Amy Willis
Does Karl Marx still matter? Prominent British leftist historian Gareth Stedman Jones says Marx's influence is waning, and that's OK. His new biography aims to put Marx in his proper historical context. Our own Pedro Schwartz is less sanguine,... MORE

What does an x-ray of Hitler's skull have in common with a jar of Ronald Reagan's jelly beans? They are both part of the Hoover Institution archives. And they remind us of our human attraction to the material, a... MORE

Perhaps you've grown accustomed to EconTalk host Russ Roberts bemoaning the limits of statistical analysis...Well fasten your seat belts and get ready for a data-driven ride in this week's episode with Stanford University's Susan Athey. Athey's research centers on... MORE

Could allocating more power to the American President result in a more efficient government? Could it result in a smaller government? I admit, I would have had a pretty strong (negative) reaction to those two questions if you'd posed... MORE

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