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Art Carden: April 2013

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Talk this Morning: "More Immigrants, Please"

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing
Art Carden
I'm speaking this morning to the New Horizons Program at UAB--a lifelong education program for senior citizens--on immigration. My outline and bibliography are here. I'll discuss jobs, wages, culture, crime--and the eugenic origins of immigration restrictions. I'm also going to... MORE

Sundry Observations on Statistical Discrimination and Terrorism

Behavioral Economics and Rationality
Art Carden
There are a lot of great comments on my last post, "Better Living Through Statistics: Muslim Terrorists Edition." A few observations: That Muslims are far more likely to be terrorists than others is barely relevant to our day-to-day lives given... MORE

Better Living Through Statistics: Muslim Terrorists Edition

Behavioral Economics and Rationality
Art Carden
As I've written before, I'm excited about Bryan's forthcoming The Case Against Education (ooh! Here's a FEE podcast version on YouTube!). Here's another piece of advice that continues the Bubble/Serenity conversation started by Bryan and David. At the margin, you... MORE

I enjoyed David's post on Bryan's Bubble. I'm an avid consumer (and producer) of advice, and I read big chunks of Harry Browne's How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World after David recommended it. Browne makes the very important... MORE

On Homeschoolery: A Bet, Revised

Economics of Education
Art Carden
Thanks, everyone, for suggestions on my proposal below, and I'm especially honored that seasoned bettor Bryan offered a few suggestions (I also got a nice email with suggestions from EconLog friend Fabio Rojas, who noted that the selection biases in... MORE

On The Effects of Homeschooling: A Bet

Alternative Economics
Art Carden
I can't wait for Bryan's The Case Against Education: every semester, my beliefs move in favor of the signaling model and against the human capital model of schooling. This isn't to say there aren't a lot of students who are... MORE

Why Economics and Liberty?

Economic Methods
Art Carden
I'm honored to join the EconLog team as a guest blogger for the next few months. The original bloggers here--Bryan Caplan, David Henderson, and Arnold Kling--have played very important roles in my intellectual development. I've learned much from what they... MORE

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