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Art Carden: September 2013

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What I've Been Reading Lately

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
Art Carden
1. Orson Scott Card, Xenocide and Children of the Mind. According to the introductory essay for Xenocide and the postscript to Children of the Mind, these were originally supposed to be one book. They comprise a very interesting end to... MORE

I apologize if I've over-emphasized the "for the children!" meme recently, but today's FEE article from Jeffrey A. Tucker, "The Abolition of the Playground: How Regulation Stifles Spontaneous Order and Play" deserves to be read widely. It's popular to say... MORE

One of the most compelling characters in Adam Smith's work is the person he refers to as "the man of system." Here's Smith's oft-quoted passage from The Theory of Moral Sentiments: The man of system, on the contrary, is apt... MORE

My posts last week explained why the government should regulate, if not prohibit outright, meals cooked at home as a matter of public health and also as a matter of employment and prosperity (1, 2). Here's another idea. You require... MORE

Four Readings from Frederic Bastiat

Economic Philosophy
Art Carden
File Frederic Bastiat under "under-appreciated thinkers." I'm talking about Public Choice in my principles of macroeconomics class tomorrow, and here are a few readings from Bastiat that continue to inspire me: 1. "What is Seen, and What is Not Seen."... MORE

I appreciate the feedback on yesterday's post about underground dinner parties, but I don't think people understand just how serious this is. Just a few minutes ago and just a step or so away from my precious perfect snowflake one-year-old... MORE

Via Scott Shackford, at Reason, we learn of "The Scourge of Illegal, Underground Dinner Parties." In short, people are paying to attend dinner parties featuring fancy food. And such transactions are unregulated. Naturally, people are concerned. Presumably, some of those... MORE

Sometimes, "Not My Problem" Is the Right Answer

Austrian Economics
Art Carden
Last week, I linked to the LearnLiberty "Why are YOU a Libertarian?" Tumblr. Twitter user @EricPaulDennis posted the following: @Econlib @artcarden @LearnLiberty Because its easier to say, 'not my problem,' than to consider solutions. (?)— Eric Paul Dennis (@EricPaulDennis) September... MORE

Liberty Fund's own Sarah Skwire is one of my favorite people, and by reading some of her columns in The Freeman I've been able to catch up on the classical education I thought I had and always claimed but eventually... MORE

Why Should We Go To War With [Name]?

Politics and Economics
Art Carden
A few years ago--I think this was at Division of Labour--I asked readers to go to, spin for a Random country, and then make the case for war with that country. With the prospect of military adventures in Syria... MORE

What I've Been Writing Lately: On Immigration

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing
Art Carden
Over the summer, I had an exchange on with Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks about immigration. declined my rejoinder to Representative Brooks because they generally don't publish back-and-forths, but given that Congress is apparently set to take up immigration... MORE

Why are YOU A Libertarian?

moral reasoning
Art Carden
The Institute for Humane Studies' project has created a Tumblr asking people why they are libertarians. This one caught my eye. Shayne, age 20, is a LIBERTARIAN because I cannot remember a time without WAR abroad and WAR at... MORE

Further Notes on Schooling

Economics of Education
Art Carden
Friday's post got some great comments. Here are a few additional notes on schooling from someone new to home schooling (homeschooling? Home-schooling?): 1. What does it say about the quality of your product when you have trouble giving it away?... MORE

I'm going to start an occasional series here at EconLog titled "Research That Should Get More Attention" based on books and papers I read (and re-read) that more people should, in my humble opinion, read (and re-read). The first installment:... MORE

Ronald Coase, 1910-2013

Art Carden
I checked Twitter a minute ago and learned that Ronald Coase has passed away. Coase's contributions were...Coasean. I'm not sure if I can think of a strong enough adjective to describe what he did in just two articles--"The Nature of... MORE

College football season has started. I plan to go to a few Samford games and I'll keep up with my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide, but this is yet another year when I'm going to try to dial back my enthusiasm... MORE

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