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Art Carden: November 2013

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Happy Thanksgiving! For What are You Thankful?

Growth: Consequences
Art Carden
We're t-minus 90 minutes from driving to my grandmother-in-law's house on the other side of Birmingham for our first Thanksgiving celebration of the day. For what are you thankful? Here are two things on my "Thankful" list: 1. Hot Showers.... MORE

Rights are Obligations, and That's the Problem

Economics of Health Care
Art Carden
In a consideration of the HHS mandate, Rachel Held Evans (who spoke at my institution a few months ago) asks whether it is OK for firms to refuse to provide contraceptive coverage as a matter of religious conscience. A few... MORE

I'm sharing a room with Frank Stephenson of Berry College at the Southern Economic Association meeting in Tampa. Our room has a coffeemaker that makes one cup at a time. Yesterday morning, Frank made a cup of coffee, then I... MORE

I'm at the Southern Economic Association meeting this weekend. We'll be sharing food, fun, laughs, and our research. I'm looking for things to trim off my "Projects" list, so I'm going to start blogging ideas for papers I'll never take... MORE

Via my Facebook feed and email, LearnLiberty posts a link to this debate snippet featuring Steven Horwitz and Jeffrey Reiman. The first question asks whether we should work to alleviate the problems of people whose parents make bad decisions. I'm... MORE

Economics and The Rapture

Behavioral Economics and Rationality
Art Carden
Economists are fond of calling environmental doomsayers' bluffs by challenging them to invest in oil futures if they're really afraid we're going to run out of oil within the next few years. I've done this before (here, for example, is... MORE

Oppression is a Negative-Sum Game

Income Distribution
Art Carden
Oppression is nothing new, and it has caused suffering that echoes across generations. That one group was oppressed does not mean that members of the oppressing group--or at least their descendants--benefited from it. In a post with which I largely... MORE

I teach our principles and intermediate macro courses at Samford, and when Google Reader shut down I (like many, I suspect) let my RSS feeds die with it. It's time for that to change. What are your favorite macro blogs?... MORE

Last week, David linked to a reprinted press release from Reuters titled "Business Owners Welcome White House Support for $10 Minimum Wage." Here are a few thoughts: 1. I think the headline is meant to create mental disequilibrium for the... MORE

I want to add a hearty "amen" to David's post on Michael Cohen's recent article on President Obama's truth-challenged claims about health care. My views on the economic literacy of the American electorate are Caplanian, but Cohen stakes out a... MORE

Of Fossil Fuels, Forests, and the Future of Prosperity

Energy, Environment, Resources
Art Carden
We live on a heavily-wooded suburban lot in Hoover, Alabama, just outside of Birmingham, surrounded by neighbors and a very short drive from Samford. Periodically, we'll roast hot dogs over sticks and branches we find in the yard (see "heavily-wooded")... MORE

Best. Comment. Ever.

Econlog Administrative Issues
Art Carden
A quote from reader Tom West's comment on Saturday's post about why bad stories stick: Deprived of a narrative when given a bunch of facts, humans will use the facts they're given to compose a narrative, and then adjust the... MORE

Why Do Incorrect Stories Stick?

Behavioral Economics and Rationality
Art Carden
I want to give up on college sports. I can't. While it doesn't carry national championship implications for LSU, today's Alabama-LSU game is still a pretty big deal. In 2011, they met in the "Game of the Century" that was... MORE

An Invitation to Bryan Caplan and Vivek Wadhwa: Care to Debate?

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing
Art Carden
I still haven't watched the Intelligence Squared debate on immigration, but I have followed the fallout here on EconLog. I propose that we settle this...with a debate. I invite Bryan Caplan and Vivek Wadhwa to Samford University for a debate... MORE

Peter Gray, Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life. Gray's son went to Sudbury Valley School, where education was kind of a free-for-all in which self-organizing... MORE

What I've Been Reading Lately

Book Club
Art Carden
Among the hats I wear, I'm a Senior Research Fellow for the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics and a Fellow with Samford University's Center for Science and Religion. This means I get to read a lot of books at... MORE

Let's Meet at the Southerns, or, Want to Read My Manuscript?

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
Art Carden
I'm working on a book with the venerable Deirdre N. McCloskey on the economic history of the last few centuries, and I've arranged a session at the Southern Economic Association conference in Tampa in which I'll receive comments from Steven... MORE

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