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Art Carden: June 2014

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I'm sure most parents know the horror one feels when one's young child decides to give public nudity a whirl. I was a bit surprised and concerned when I read this from Reason: "Kindergartener Pulls Down Pants, Forced to Sign... MORE

Why can't the US be more like Europe? Why can't we have decent economic growth and an extremely generous welfare state? Here's one reason: we spend an enormous amount of money on the military. Wikipedia's "List of Countries by Military... MORE

Don Boudreaux on the Hockey Stick of Human Prosperity

Growth: Causal Factors
Art Carden
Don Boudreaux of George Mason University and Cafe Hayek offers a short discussion of the explosion in standards of living over the last few centuries, courtesy of Marginal Revolution University:... MORE

I'm reviewing Adam Smith and Bruce Yandle's Bootleggers and Baptists for the Independent Review. It's a powerful explanatory framework that helps us understand why we get resource-wasting public policies. Here are a few resources on the idea: 1. Bruce Yandle's... MORE

Evidence that EconLog has the Best Readers on the Internet

Econlog Administrative Issues
Art Carden
In one of my first posts after returning to the EconLog team, I wrote: Last Spring, a student came to my class wearing a shirt reading "Basketball Never Stops." I need to get a shirt that says "Economics Never Stops."... MORE

New Immigration Journal from the Hoover Institution: Peregrine

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing
Art Carden
The Hoover Institution has launched a new journal titled Peregrine: American Immigration in the 21st Century. According to the introductory essay by Timothy Kane: Peregrine is an online journal with a unique mission. Each issue will address one topic out... MORE

On Friday, the New York Times ran this article by Timothy Egan, which discussed the new Starbucks initiative to pay for associates' college degrees but which was mostly a hit piece aimed at Walmart. Walmart VP of Corporate Communications David... MORE

A few years ago, Princeton University Press published G.A. Cohen's Why Not Socialism?. I reviewed it for The Freeman and found it unconvincing. I also appreciated these reviews from David Gordon and James Otteson. I wasn't impressed or convinced, and... MORE

Local politicians and protesters are in a huff about foreign producers "dumping" steel on the US market. They're making the usual noise about protecting communities, foreigners "flooding" American markets, and so on. If you're worried about losing your job because... MORE

The libertarian corner of the internet is aflutter with news that officials in Leawood, Kansas have shut down nine-year-old Spencer Collins' "take a book, leave a book" Little Free Library (HT: Brian Doherty from Reason, originally, and Lenore Skenazy's Twitter... MORE

Another Immigrant Sneaks Across the Border to Take an American Job

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing
Art Carden
ESPN confirms a report that Cuban outfielder Yasmani Tomas has defected. According to the Communist Party newspaper Granma, as quoted by From the same source, Granma learned of the departure from the country, through unscrupulous, illegal human trafficking, of... MORE

SMBC Features The Greatest Commencement Ever

Economics of Education
Art Carden
The webcomic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal gets it. Spoiler alert: there's signaling. I would love to see Bryan Caplan hit the commencement speaker circuit. After Michael Lind called him "Libertarians' scary new star," invitations might be forthcoming.... MORE

Occupational licensing is an issue that has come to the fore in recent weeks. Matt Yglesias has written extensively against occupational licensing, and James Bessen offers a card stack on licensing for Daniel J. Smith of Troy University's Johnson... MORE

I love traveling, and I might be one of the few people on earth who actually enjoys flying. Trouble is, flying is pretty expensive, and it's especially expensive if you want to go overseas. There's an obvious solution: let more... MORE

On Monday, we celebrated our daughter's fourth birthday. Today, we celebrate our younger son's second birthday. On Saturday, we will celebrate my wife's and my eleventh anniversary. When we found out we were expecting our third a few years ago,... MORE

Econ Journal Watch editor Daniel Klein passes along two calls for papers for symposia in his journal: Classical Liberalism in Econ, by Country Symposium We invite proposals for papers on the status of classical liberalism in the economics profession in... MORE

I like free markets and don't like politics largely because free markets feature better incentives than the political arena. I came across a vivid example while vacationing last week. While flipping through the channels on TV, I came across what... MORE

The Cato Institute's Randal O'Toole has recently released a Policy Analysis arguing that low-capacity light rail is a bad deal for cities. I found it especially interesting in light of Scott's post last week on "private affluence and public squalor,"... MORE

According to a report in the Tennessean by way of, "gains in whiskey sales are outpacing increases in production by 'at least' a 2-to-1 margin...The Jack Daniel distillery announced a $100 million expansion in distilling and warehouse space." Reports... MORE

One of my favorite passages in the Bible is 1 Corinthians 13:11. In the KJV, it reads "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I... MORE

Last Spring, a student came to my class wearing a shirt reading "Basketball Never Stops." I need to get a shirt that says "Economics Never Stops." David's recent post on uncertainty and global warming was a good reminder. Public policy... MORE

Voter Biases, Explained with Video

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing
Art Carden
People all across Alabama are voting today in a primary election. Many of them who claim to want more economic growth will vote enthusiastically for candidates espousing policies that will make us poorer. What gives? Just in time, The Institute... MORE

Reverse Mortgages in Organs

Price Controls
Art Carden
Bryan's post below inspired me to think about an idea Mike Hammock and I first talked about while we were colleagues at Rhodes College that, I think, carries Zac Gochenaur's* argument a bit further: reverse mortgages in organs (here's an... MORE

It's Great to Be Back With One of My Favorite Blogs!

Econlog Administrative Issues
Art Carden
Greetings, everyone. I'm thrilled to be back for a second guest-blogging go-round with one of the world's premiere outlets for incisive commentary and analysis of Big Picture economic issues. Liberty Fund is one of my favorite organizations, I am fortunate... MORE

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