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Art Carden: July 2014

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As I tweeted yesterday, a quick review of the battle over ride-sharing regulation in cities around the world convinces me we're building a bridge to the eighteenth century. Mercantilism is alive and well, and cities (like Birmingham) are missing a... MORE

Why Don't We Observe Time-Traveling Arbitrageurs?

International Macroeconomics: Exchange Rates, International Debt, etc.
Art Carden
Here's one reason to think time travel a la Back to the Future or one of the truly great but definitely most NSFW episodes of South Park will never work: we don't have contemporary or historical reports of time-traveling arbitrageurs.... MORE

Red Mountain Theatre Company here in Birmingham is running Les Miserables through August 3. We saw it last night. It's the fourth time I've seen Les Mis, and it was worth every bit of what we paid for the tickets.... MORE

The Rhetoric of Rights and Permission

Political Economy
Art Carden
Earlier today, I blogged about Adam Thierer's Permissionless Innovation. Over the last few months, I've been struck by how frequently I hear public policy questions expressed in terms of granting permission: should we allow people to earn such high incomes,... MORE

This morning, I read Adam Thierer's Permissionless Innovation, which you can get as a $0 PDF. From a few discussions in which I've been involved regarding Uber's attempt to enter the Birmingham market, it's clear that the idea of a... MORE

There has been an explosion of commentary on regulations in Birmingham regarding Uber and its services; I streamed part of yesterday's City Council meeting at which they voted to delay a decision until next week. I wrote an open letter... MORE

The Brilliance Of The Onion on Immigrant Fruit

International Trade
Art Carden
" Original.... MORE

Should firms pay a premium for products that are "made in America"? The obvious answer is "yes" if consumers are willing to pay a premium for a "made in America" label, but the benefit to Americans isn't so clear. Last... MORE

Where Will We Put All These Immigrants?

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing
Art Carden
Urban renewal in one step: allow homesteaders to take possession of abandoned properties. Settlers obtain legal title to the property after paying property taxes for five years (or whatever is customary in common law). What are the political obstacles to... MORE

This post is a modified version of a comment from the Libertarian Homeschooler Facebook page. Via The Libertarian Homeschooler, I just saw Radley Balko's new post on "The Criminalization of Parenthood." My wife and I are big fans of Lenore... MORE

Intolerant Socialism

Economic Philosophy
Art Carden
Like Bryan, I really enjoyed Jason Brennan's discussion of "Why Utopia is Capitalist." Bryan is correct to note that one of the main problems with G.A. Cohen's camping trip example is that it assumes (albeit implicitly, if I remember correctly)... MORE

Among the hats I'm wearing these days, I'm writing semi-monthly columns for a Birmingham-based website called Recent columns have considered population growth, inflation, and the origins of money. My archive is here. In addition, EconLog friend Sam Wilson and... MORE

Co-blogger Bryan Caplan opened the month with a post on "Liberal Authoritarianism." he left "the writing of the companion post on "Conservative Authoritarianism" as an exercise for the reader." I accepted his challenge, so here we go. In Bryan's way... MORE

In yesterday's Wall Street Journal, David Neumark argued that even though "modest increases" in the minimum wage won't have large disemployment effects, the minimum wage is a poorly-targeted anti-poverty measure: "Minimum wages are ineffective at helping poor families because such... MORE

Landfills as Inventories

Energy, Environment, Resources
Art Carden
In honor of of the estimable Mike Munger's 25th appearance (!!) on EconTalk, I thought I'd offer a couple of words about what's probably my favorite Munger EconTalk podcast: "Munger on Recycling," from July 2, 2007. Here's his accompanying article... MORE

I, Crayon

Growth: Causal Factors
Art Carden
Here's a Sesame Street classic. I remember this from when I was a kid; we watched it a few times with our kids Monday morning. The sheer amount of knowledge embodied in this whole process is mesmerizing. And of course,... MORE

I wear a hat as a Senior Research Fellow for the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics. In the last several days, IFWE has run a few pieces on their blog that have really stood out to me in light... MORE

While procrastinating earlier (yes, I admit it), I came across a question from LearnLiberty: If you could change the outcome of one major world event, what would it be and why? I had just been thinking about this in light... MORE

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