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Art Carden: September 2014

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has joined The Oatmeal, XKCD, and Botched Spot as one of my favorite comics. This particular installment was especially brilliant. It proposes a browser plug-in that makes the opportunity cost of military hardware explicit. The night... MORE

The Austrian Tradition on Mises' Birthday

Austrian Economics
Art Carden
Pete Boettke has a great post on the intellectual legacy of Ludwig von Mises at Coordination Problem (HT: Pete Boettke via Twitter). With speculation about the possibility of a shared Baumol-Kirzner Nobel Prize, this is an interesting time to be... MORE

This is an edited version of my comment on this Reddit thread. OP had offered this quote from his microeconomics professor: "Government is the only institution which is allowed to hold a gun to your head and force you to... MORE

While prepping for yesterday's Principles of Macroeconomics discussion of GDP, I listened again to Diane Coyle's EconTalk episode in which she and Russ Roberts discussed the history and development of GDP. Toward the end, they discuss a philosophical question: is... MORE

Social TV: Social Media Creates More Weak Ties

Information Goods, Intellectual Property
Art Carden
Earlier today, I heard a bit on the radio that was of the standard "screen time is destroying kids' minds and making them less social and..." form. Online social norms are still evolving, but I really doubt screens are making... MORE

Saving Money with One Income

Family Economics
Art Carden
There's a very interesting discussion on the Libertarian Homeschooler Facebook page about living on one income. My contribution, reproduced verbatim: 1. Recognize that your time is *very* valuable. It might actually be better to pick up a few dollars freelancing... MORE

Anarchy in the UK? Not so much. Scottish voters have decided to stay in the UK, and Justin Wolfers calls this "a loss for pollsters and a win for betting markets." I agree: betting markets produce a much higher signal-to-noise... MORE

In early 2013, I had the privilege of speaking at a student conference in Brazil. While I was making my travel arrangements, I asked my Facebook network whether I should pay the extra $100 for Economy Comfort on the international... MORE

How Can Small Kids Earn a Few Dollars?

Family Economics
Art Carden
This morning, our six-year-old earned fifty cents. That fifty cents topped of the money he has been earning recently and gave him enough to buy a $17 toy he wants. I couldn't be prouder: when he wants something, he finds... MORE

Recent Reading: Onward, Christian Soldiers Edition

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
Art Carden
Stanley Hauerwas, War and the American Difference: Theological Reflections on Violence and National Identity. This wasn't really "recent" as it was several months ago, but Hauerwas spoke at Samford last semester. Hauerwas discusses war--a key sacrament of civic religion--from a... MORE

Will "Minecraft Coaching" be a 21st Century Job?

Economics of Education
Art Carden
It's happened. A few weeks ago I finally bought Minecraft for the kids (the Pocket Edition for mobile devices is only about $7). We're still learning the ins and outs of the game, and early going has meant periodic frustration... MORE

That terrible people do terrible things does not mean that good people can stop them without ultimately making matters worse. I think Bryan's "Common-Sense Case for Pacifism" is relevant to the President's claim that we will "degrade and ultimately destroy"... MORE

Why Should You Major in Economics?

Economics of Education
Art Carden
Fall semester has started, and I hope you're settled in. If you're a college freshman or sophomore, you might be trying to choose a major. If you're a high school junior or senior, you might be thinking about what you... MORE

Laniakea for the Laniakeans!

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing
Art Carden
Via The Skeptical Libertarian, I just watched the video below about "Laniakea: Our home supercluster." As I pointed out in a comment on the TSL Facebook page, what's really important here is that we now know where to build the... MORE

The Upshot at the New York Times introduces us to the NYT 4th Down Bot, which will tell us in real time whether a team should or shouldn't go for it on 4th down. There's a fairly well-known argument that... MORE

Are Your Clicks More Powerful Than Your Votes?

Politics and Economics
Art Carden
At the beginning of the year, I tweeted The Clickbait Pledge: The Clickbait Pledge: I will click on nothing "shocking," that will "blow [my] mind," or relating to celebrity antics.— Art Carden (@artcarden) January 30, 2014 I therefore found the... MORE

I got off the parking lots roads leading to Samford at around 7:55 after leaving my house three miles away 20 minutes earlier. My time stuck in traffic gave me ample opportunity to think about what my beloved dismal science... MORE

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