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Art Carden: October 2014

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Repeat after the economics profession: resources are scarce, and they have alternative uses. Thomas Sowell has said that this is the first rule of economics. He has also said that the first rule of politics is to ignore the first... MORE

WARNING: CONTAINS FROZEN SPOILERS. My daughter is four years old, which means we consume a lot of Disney Princess merchandise: movies, toys, etc. As one might expect, everyone in our house basically knows every word to every song from Frozen.... MORE

Minecraft has spawned a lot of imitators. One is Survival Craft, which we heard about a few days ago and downloaded. Our oldest has been playing it virtually non-stop for a couple of days, and he prefers it to Minecraft... MORE

The world is a pretty complex and mesmerizing place, and people (and firms) do a lot of things that are, at first glance, hard to understand. Consider airlines. I've heard on numerous occasions complaints about how major carriers board their... MORE

What Does Fusion Mean for the Future?

Energy, Environment, Resources
Art Carden
Writing at (for whom I am also a contributor), William Pentland discusses Lockheed Martin's alleged breakthroughs in fusion technology. We've heard "fusion is just around the corner!" for a very long time now, but as Tyler Cowen notes, this... MORE

In this TED talk, Myriam Sidibe discusses the public health effects of hand-washing. She makes an interesting and important claim: a lot of families in India have soap, but they use it to wash clothes, bathe, and wash dishes because... MORE

When I taught at Rhodes College, I had a serious conversation with a colleague about whether accounting should be considered part of the core of a solid liberal education. We agreed that it should: beyond the fact that imparts vocational... MORE

Should Financial Literacy Be Part of the Core of K-12 Education?

Finance: stocks, options, etc.
Art Carden
I tweeted the following last night: If schooling is really about valuable skills, shouldn't personal finance be part of the core curriculum?— Art Carden (@artcarden) October 9, 2014 Economic and financial literacy among the populace is abysmal, and my impression... MORE

Recently, the Birmingham Business Journal interviewed me and my colleague Darin White (@sports_biz_prof on Twitter) about the case for and the case against government financing for a domed stadium (info here; subscription required). Over the weekend, I re-read Rolf Dobelli's... MORE

I learned from my finance colleagues that there apparently aren't very liquid markets in which I could short-sell or buy put options on municipal bonds. Birmingham has been going around and around about expanding the Convention Center and building a... MORE

Investing: A Weekend Thought

Finance: stocks, options, etc.
Art Carden
This post appears in the Facebook discussion group for my LearnLiberty Personal Finance Course. A Weekend Thought on Investing and Personal Finance: If behavioral economics and psychology have taught us anything, it's that people are not very good at making... MORE

Twitter Chat on Personal Finance, Monday from 8-9 PM Central

Econlog Administrative Issues
Art Carden
I'm currently leading an online personal finance course for the IHS LearnLiberty project (disclosure: and getting paid for it) and teaching both Principles of Macroeconomics and the MBA "Economics of Competitive Strategy" course at Samford (disclosure: and getting paid for... MORE

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