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Art Carden: November 2014

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Zachary Bartsch writes: I want to hear more about your religion or parenting beliefs and how your participation in either results in real actions that could be perceived as different from anyone else's. Religion: evangelical Christian with a lot of... MORE

By Request: Factor Price Equalization

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing
Art Carden
From Paul Ralley: Please can you describe a plausible 'end game' for price-factor equalisation. I.e. If incomes in each country converge (per skill level) what would the world look like in terms of trade, income distribution etc. I'm not sure... MORE

By Request: Externalities

Political Economy
Art Carden
J Scheppers asks: From different perspectives many different external economic impacts could be reported. Is there a way to determine which reference frames are most effective in determining possible economic efficiency? ThomasH asks, in a similar vein: Policy in light... MORE

By Request: Economics and Christianity

Economics and Culture
Art Carden
Commenter dullgeek offers the following request, which I'll quote in its entirety: CS Lewis wrote the following in The Screwtape Letters: "Above all, do not attempt to use science (I mean, the real sciences) as a defence against Christianity. They... MORE

As I mentioned earlier, Discount Retailing ate my research agenda. Charles Courtemanche and I have written a handful of papers (a couple of them with Jeremy Meiners) about the effects of Walmart (and now Costco) on different aspects of a... MORE

My latest stint with EconLog ends in a couple of days, and a couple of people wanted to know more about my work on Walmart. I'm happy to oblige as Charles Courtemanche and I are working on a paper about... MORE

First, I want to thank everyone who submitted requests for my last few posts before my EconLog guest stint ends. I'll answer as many as I can and schedule a series of posts for the next few days. Second, Happy... MORE

EconLog Guest Stint #2 Ends This Month: Requests?

Econlog Administrative Issues
Art Carden
My second guest stint with EconLog ends this month. I have about a week left and will take requests: what would you like to read about?... MORE

I Keep Returning to This Book...

Austrian Economics
Art Carden
If you judge a book's quality by how frequently you come back to it or think about it, Daniel Klein's Knowledge and Coordination: A Liberal Interpretation is a very good book. I keep pulling it off the shelf for different... MORE

There is currently controversy in Alabama about whether the University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) should drop its football program. Suffice it to say UAB hasn't had the success enjoyed by traditional powerhouses like Alabama and Auburn. Via Twitter, my colleague Darin... MORE

A Lot Happened in 1962

Economic History
Art Carden
This occurred to me last weekend: three major books were published in 1962: Buchanan & Tullock's The Calculus of Consent, Rothbard's Man, Economy, and State, and Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom. At the same time, Walmart, Kmart, and Target all opened... MORE

A few months ago, I posted a bit of advice on my cousin's Facebook page as one of her sons has begun the college search. Here it is in slightly modified form: Forget about "the college experience." It's overrated. Enroll... MORE

I spent Sunday and Monday in Manhattan, so I've been thinking about population density, the extent of the market and what it means for the division of labor, and the deadweight losses of land use. I was pleased, therefore, when... MORE

Hypothesis: movie theaters often turn a blind eye to those who enter the theater with their own candy and are sometimes inconsistent in their enforcement of rules against theater-hopping. This is a way to price discriminate given that the marginal... MORE

Stateless Reality 2.0 as a Substitute for Tyranny in Physical Reality

Information Goods, Intellectual Property
Art Carden
Changing technology means that more and more of our interactions with one another will take place through online platforms and games like Facebook and Minecraft. We're just now scratching the surface of what virtual lives will look like, but it's... MORE

Third Parties in Congress: Props to Jon Murphy

Behavioral Economics and Rationality
Art Carden
Last year, I offered to bet $100 against someone's $20 that no third party candidate would win a seat in the House or Senate. This was in response to a Politico article touting "record demand for third party." This morning,... MORE

1. Jason Brennan, "The General Challenge to People Who Believe There's a Duty to Vote" Brennan argues that it is disrespectful to call non-voters "free riders" on good governance. Abstention, however, can be an exercise in virtue. The non-voter who... MORE

Can Labeling Compound Erroneous Beliefs?

Information Goods, Intellectual Property
Art Carden
I've been keeping an eye on social media chatter about laws in some states that would mandate labeling for products containing genetically modified organisms. I'm not a biologist or a food scientist, but my understanding of the scientific consensus is... MORE

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