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Bart Wilson: September 2013

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Of Mice and Men, Morals and Markets

moral reasoning
Bart Wilson
Good morals make for good markets is hardly a contentious claim. Reputations for honest dealing grease the wheels of commerce. But does it go the other way? Do markets foster good morals? The intuition of most people is that markets... MORE

The We in Wealth

Behavioral Economics and Rationality
Bart Wilson
The first economic experiment in our Humanomics class is based upon my research article with Sean Crockett and Vernon Smith. The idea for the project came from an honors course that Vernon and I have co-taught using experiments to teach... MORE

Faustian Economics

Alternative Economics
Bart Wilson
We solve: "In the beginning was the Payoff." Immediately I stop. Did I just quaff? A one-time buzz is too specific; The inception could be more generic. It must be wishful free and stark attentive; Perhaps: "In the beginning there... MORE

Economics as a Branch of Literature

Behavioral Economics and Rationality
Bart Wilson
Shortly before arriving at Chapman University in 2008 I discovered some essays by Frank Knight. Every graduate student in economics learns about or, at least, has heard references to Frank Knight, one of the original members of the "Chicago school... MORE

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