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Bart Wilson: October 2013

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Reclaiming Fairness: Competition Policy

Political Economy
Bart Wilson
To follow up on my attempt to reclaim fairness for commerce, let's consider what this means for competition policy. The 18th century meaning of unfair with its roots in commerce didn't completely disappear by the 20th century. In 1914 Congress... MORE

The Big Bag of Wealth

Alternative Economics
Bart Wilson
The second paper assignment in freshman Humanomics is to write a short story, a type of homage to Washington Irving's "The Devil and Tom Walker" but from the point of view of Matt Ridley's The Rational Optimist. The story below... MORE

Reclaiming Fairness as a Precept of Commerce

Politics and Economics
Bart Wilson
Fairness isn't an end commonly associated with markets. If anything, our empathetic instincts often lead us to view the outcomes of competition in the marketplace as unfair. But fairness as it relates to markets wasn't always such a hazy concept.... MORE

Lilliputian Competition Authority

Book Club
Bart Wilson
This fall my student reading and dinner group is concurrently reading Personal Knowledge and Gulliver's Travels (beautifully annotated by Asimov). I have been fascinated with Gulliver's Travels since high school but it has been several years since I last read... MORE

The Error of Utilitarian Behavioral Economics

Behavioral Economics and Rationality
Bart Wilson
If you hang around economists long enough, you're bound to hear the word utility. They don't mean it in the original (at least 500 years old), usefulness sense of the word, as in the utility of electric power to wash... MORE

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