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Bryan Caplan: January 2005

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Manne More Than Ever

Finance: stocks, options, etc.
Bryan Caplan
Stiglitz’s The Roaring Nineties partially blames the big accounting scandals on market fundamentalism. But I’m inclined to agree with Henry Manne that one of the best cures for fishy accounting is to legalize insider trading. Here’s an excerpt from an... MORE

I was overjoyed last year as I anticipated the opening of the Cinema de Lux at Fairfax Corner. If you haven't been there, go - the theater is beautiful, the seats are extremely comfortable, and the screens are enormous. But... MORE

The Forgotten Men

Labor Market
Bryan Caplan
My colleague Robin Hanson has schooled me in the ABCs of the Men's Rights Movement. Bottom line: There are a lot of things that a lot of men could reasonably complain about, but don't, because they would be greeted with... MORE

What, Me Rich?

Behavioral Economics and Rationality
Bryan Caplan
A very interesting paper by Moses Shayo begins by surveying the literature on identity. "People tend to identify more with high status groups than with low status groups," which seems pretty obvious. But I'm not so sure. A major counter-example:... MORE

Lovecraft, Sutter, and the Media

Information Goods, Intellectual Property
Bryan Caplan
The master of horror is of course not Stephen King, but H.P. Lovecraft. (My personal favorite is "The Dunwich Horror"). Lovecraft lived a life of aristocratic penury, and he wasn't too happy about it: "He who strives to produce salable... MORE

Nobel Prize-Winner Makes Intermediate Error

Information Goods, Intellectual Property
Bryan Caplan
In Globalization and Its Discontents, Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz tells us: Behind the free-market ideology there is a model, often attributed to Adam Smith, which argues that market forces - the profit motive - drive the economy to efficient... MORE

The Selfish Reason to Have More Kids

Bryan Caplan
Steve Landsburg has some powerful moral arguments for having another kid. (See the chapter "People Wanted" in Fair Play). Contrary to organizations like Zero Population Growth, the externalities of another productive human being are positive, not negative. But like most... MORE

This is the season for giving movies their just deserts, but as far as I know there isn't a prize for Most Economically Literate Movie. Until now. The First Annual Prize in this category goes too... A Day Without a... MORE

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