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Contributing Guest: August 2017

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by Sarah E. Skwire At the Garrick Club in London, W. S. Gilbert [one half of Gilbert and Sullivan] was once baiting a group of Shakespeare admirers. 'Take this passage, for example,' he said. 'I would as lief be... MORE

Saving Labor with Disposables

Economic Education
Contributing Guest
by Art Carden "I wonder if they make disposable towels." A few flicks of the thumb later, I had discovered that yes, in fact, they do make disposable towels and secured a box of 300 of them to be delivered... MORE

Conspiracy and Condemnation

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
Contributing Guest
by Art Carden Democracy in Chains author Nancy MacLean and her defenders are promulgating the idea that critics of her book (like me) are part of a sinister conspiracy to discredit her book. It might make a good plot... MORE

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