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Contributing Guest: October 2017

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Misleading Bureaucratese

Economic Education
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux ...the BEA's casuistry is confusing if not misleading for the typical journalist, not to speak of the typical citizen. In a press release of October 5, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) presented its estimates... MORE

Attacking Civilians in War

moral reasoning
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux The more democratic the state is, the smaller the difference between its rulers, combatants, and civilians, and the more justifiable should be a deliberate attack on the latter, ceteris paribus. A recent article by Scott D. Sagan... MORE

A Protectionist Utopia?

International Trade
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux If everybody were protected as a producer, nobody would be "protected" as a consumer. My previous post argued against the "populist argument" claiming that free trade destroys jobs and thus cannot be beneficial to consumers who have... MORE

by Pierre Lemieux If jobs were the cause of prosperity, banning agricultural technology would generate much prosperity by dramatically increasing employment in that sector. The economic argument for free international trade is basically that people produce in order to consume,... MORE

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