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Contributing Guest: December 2017

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by Pierre Lemieux We might hope that the faster growth of Leviathan in China will give second thoughts to American politicians and bureaucrats--just like during the Cold War, the fear of resembling the Evil Empire probably had a salutary effect.... MORE

Christmas Gifts Made Far Away

International Trade
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux Diversity is diversity of something, not diversity of nothing. The North Pole is far away--about 3,500 miles from Kansas City in the middle of the United States. But the international shipping event around this Christmas is not... MORE

Free Trade Agreements v Unilateral Free Trade

International Trade
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux In order to be useful...a free trade agreement must further free trade more than it restricts it through international standards and regulatory harmonization. The current renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) raises two sorts... MORE

The Will of the People Meets the Man in the Moon

Foreign Policy
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux The basic reason why there is no such thing as "the will of the people" is that there is no people to have a will. I don't know enough about the Middle East and foreign policy to... MORE

Why Addicts' Deaths Are Not a Social Cost of Opioid Consumption

Cost-benefit Analysis
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux ...what does it mean to say that the loss of life is a cost for an individual? The report published last month by the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) on the cost of the opioid crisis raises... MORE

Recognizing a Unicorn When You See One

Economic Methods
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux Individuals are different and assuming the contrary assumes away most of the social phenomena we are trying to understand. There is a good chance that my economist readers will recognize the unicorn. My non-economist readers may have... MORE

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