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Contributing Guest: January 2018

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A Bad Solution to Very Real Problems

Monetary Policy
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux The Great Depression brought the failure of thousands of banks in the United States, and none in Canada. Comparing Canada and the United States suggests that there was something deeply wrong with the American banking system. But... MORE

A Frequent Confusion and the Yo-Yo Economic Model

Economic Education
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux "...without clear concepts, the theory is muddled and confusion reigns. There is no way to think clearly about how different factors will influence price and quantity because "demand" (or "supply") means two different things. " It is... MORE

by Sarah Skwire Both economists and writers, then, are drawn to baseball by its rich complexities, and by the sense that this game, somehow, is bigger than us, yet also tells us something about what it means to be human... MORE

"Ice is not Nice" and the Limits of Conversation

Economic Philosophy
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux Why do apparently serious academics publish such muddled, postmodern stuff? They may seriously believe in their ideology--although if everything is "socially constructed," their theories must be too. One of the benefits of Facebook is that your friends... MORE

For Individual Liberty, Size Does Not Matter - or So It Seems

Politics and Economics
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux "... let's have a look at the empirical evidence. Do available data show a correlation between individual liberty and the size of a country? A positive or a negative one?" In a recent Econlog post, Alberto Mingardi... MORE

The Political Firm

Business Economics
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux This competitive discipline is a feature of the free-enterprise system, not a bug. That's why your fuel oil delivery man doesn't care about your race, sexual preferences, or political opinions; he just wants a check. One can,... MORE

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