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Contributing Guest: February 2018

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EconTalk and Chalk?

Economic Education
Contributing Guest
Together, EconTalk and EconLib provide exactly the kinds of resources that Becker and Watts foresaw in their critique of standard economics teaching methods. by Edward J. Lopez In 1996 a now famous paper called "Chalk and Talk," by William Becker... MORE

A Simplistic Model of Public Policy

Cost-benefit Analysis
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux Philosophers have been debating moral values for two and a half millennia, and counting... I would argue that, at least when moral philosophy becomes political philosophy, consequences matter. According to FBI statistics, 39% of all murders (counting... MORE

Restricting Speech for Nationalist Reasons

Politics and Economics
Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux Statements invoking "the people" are generally no more than political demagoguery from those who claim to represent this magical and rousing entity. I don't know to what extent Poles helped the Nazis carry out the Holocaust, but... MORE

Searching for the Individual

Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux North Koreans are oppressed and destitute. They have not known the Enlightenment, much less sung its virtues. So it is not surprising that a delegation from their government would look anything but individualistic. During the Winter Olympics... MORE

A Safe Harbor on the Dark Side of Democracy

Contributing Guest
by Pierre Lemieux Manufacturers or dealers often try to be on the safe side by being more nanny than the Nanny State. According to the Wall Street Journal of January 24, a California court will soon decide whether the likes... MORE

Liberty in David Hume: A Controversy

Economic History
Contributing Guest
by Daniel B. Klein Hume provides no concise definition of liberty. Meanings must be inferred from his usage. Nicholas Capaldi led a lively exchange at Liberty Matters on the place of liberty in David Hume, with Andrew Sabl, Chandran Kukathas,... MORE

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