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David Henderson: October 2008

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How to Kill Drug Development

David Henderson
My co-author and former student, Charles Hooper, has written an excellent article on today's In the article, Hooper calls himself a "drug killer," telling why he advises firms to "kill" even drugs that have promising uses. Here's a quote:... MORE

Highlights from Hayek

Political Economy
David Henderson
I hadn't read Friedrich Hayek's The Road to Serfdom cover to cover for over 20 years. Today I did. I knew it was a good book but I concluded today that it's a great book. Here are two of the... MORE

McCain vs. Obama

Fiscal Policy
David Henderson published an article by me today comparing some of the economic policies of McCain and Obama. Note my criticism of both of them for voting to move toward central government planning of financial markets.... MORE

Bailout Watch

David Henderson
"Rescue Plan Faces Delay in Hiring Asset Managers." So reads the headline of a news story in today's Wall Street Journal. The story goes on to say: Treasury won congressional approval for the program on Oct. 3. It said at... MORE

A Pareto-Optimal Move

Economics of Health Care
David Henderson
Economists often talk about Pareto-optimal moves, that is, changes in policy that make some people better off without making anyone else worse off. But we have trouble coming up with any real examples. It's an easy exercise to show that... MORE

Energy Independence

Energy, Environment, Resources
David Henderson
Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, presidential campaign years give us economists a lot of "teaching moments," that is, chances to educate the public about basic, important economic truths. This campaign year is no different. I... MORE

My First EconLog Blog

David Henderson
First, thank you, Bryan, for your warm welcome. And thank you also to the commenters. Before I get to my first topic, I want to appreciate Bryan back. I'm a big fan of his work. My favorite is his piece... MORE

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