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David Henderson: February 2014

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Income, Wealth, Happiness, and Ideological Convenience

Cross-country Comparisons
David Henderson
I've had to think long and hard before writing this response to Bryan Caplan's post about income and happiness and Justin Wolfers's response. 1. I start by saying that I'm skeptical about how informative it is to ask people how... MORE

David Friedman on the 97% Consensus on Global Warming

Energy, Environment, Resources
David Henderson
As David Friedman points out, it is hard for us who are not climate scientists to know what is true or false about global warming. But one thing we can sometimes do is check what various writers on climate science... MORE

11-99 Foundation: Buying Protection

Economics of Crime
David Henderson
I live in California, where I often see license plate frames carrying the words, "Lifetime Member, 11-99 Foundation." The frames are usually on newer-model luxury cars. I finally got curious enough to look up what the 11-99 Foundation is. Here's... MORE

For Crying Out Loud, Dineen: Dealing with Long-Held Views that are Wrong

Behavioral Economics and Rationality
David Henderson
At first, you might think this post is just about hockey. But it's not. There's a moral to the story about how we can make the mistake of falling in love with our views simply because they have become part... MORE

Media Bias Yet Again

moral reasoning
David Henderson
Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds called attention to a case of media bias. One of his readers noted that Politico reporter Elizabeth Titus, in a piece on how there seem to be no scandals in Republican governor Scott Walker's background, identified... MORE

I've finally got around to reading more details about the Congressional Budget Office's report on the number of jobs lost from raising the minimum wage. The CBO estimated a range of outcomes from raising the minimum wage from its current... MORE

Erik Prince on Collective Punishment

Behavioral Economics and Rationality
David Henderson
Co-blogger Bryan's post, "Desert versus Identity," has got me thinking. Bryan writes: War crimes are a stark example. Suppose a soldier from group X plainly murdered ten innocent civilians from group Y. What do the people of X say? "It... MORE

Recently, I "welcomed" Princeton economists Alan Blinder and Paul Krugman to the "supply-side." I had the idea that they had not admitted that high marginal tax rates reduce the incentive to work and invest. I was wrong. I don't have... MORE

All three factors can combine to make the value of the insurance policy well below its price. Let's say that the family values the insurance at $3,500. That family is worse off because it is paying $4,000 net of the... MORE

Jason Furman: Excellent or Sad

Business Economics
David Henderson
Tyler Cowen recently linked to an article in the Washington Post about "the excellent Jason Furman." And if you read the puff piece article, you would certainly think Furman is an excellent economist. The writer, Zachary A. Goldfarb, tells tale... MORE

Open Letter to President Wildes re Professor Block

Economic Education
David Henderson
One of the ways I will occasionally depart from straight economics on this blog is to defend fellow academics from unfair attacks by bullies. When the president of your university attacks you unfairly and in public, he is being a... MORE

Like other legislation of that era, the Fed was a government intervention supported both by ideologically-motivated and well-meaning reformers and by the industry being regulated. Rather than being this as some sort of unique conspiracy to take control of the... MORE

Obamacare defenders and Princeton University economists Paul Krugman and Alan Blinder have granted that the Congressional Budget Office is making a reasonable claim in saying that by 2024, Obamacare, if not repealed or delayed, will reduce the number of hours... MORE

Why Income Mobility is Larger in the Middle

Income Distribution
David Henderson
Whenever we talk about income mobility, we should never forget that we're talking about mobility in each direction. One can move down the income scale as well as up. Indeed, if we measure income mobility of households by movement from... MORE

American Hustle: Unreal and Real

Business Economics
David Henderson
WARNING: MULTIPLE SPOILERS AHEAD I saw the movie, American Hustle, on Friday night and liked it a lot. I liked the pace and I especially liked the integration with 1970s music, one of my favorite decades for pop music. I... MORE

Me at Webber Tonight

Upcoming Events
David Henderson
I'm sorry for not posting this earlier. I just learned that this is open to the public. I'm speaking at Webber International University in Babson Park, Florida tonight. 6:15 for food and drink. 7:00 for the talk. Here's the link.... MORE

Bleg on Health Care Questions

Economics of Health Care
David Henderson
On March 19, I will be speaking at Oberlin College in Ohio. It will be a debate with Ted Marmor of Yale University. Well, not quite a debate. The format is that the organizers, Professor Marmor, and I will agree... MORE

Robert Murphy on the Minimum Wage

Labor Market
David Henderson
In this article, I explain why, even if the revisionist empirical studies are accurate, it still does not follow that the proposed hike in the minimum wage will be a boon for low-skilled workers. I also argue that, because critics... MORE

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