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David Henderson: December 2015

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Thoughts on "Almost Wholly Negative"

Economic Philosophy
David Henderson
This morning, I was perusing the American Economic Association's program for its annual meetings, trying to decide whether to do the 2+ hour drive up to San Francisco for a day on Sunday. I worked my way through the program,... MORE

Tina Rosenberg on Kidneys in Iran

Cost-benefit Analysis
David Henderson
The main reason I have not posted much on Russ Roberts's excellent Econtalks is that my commute is so short (about 11 minutes) that the hassle of connecting my iPhone with my old car's system made the cost too high.... MORE

Climate Schlock

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
David Henderson
How likely is it that the world will warm not just by 2 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of this century, but by 11 degrees? What would happen to the planet? And, to avoid a much hotter world, what should... MORE

Boudreaux on Hayek

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
David Henderson
One of the distinctions that Boudreaux and Hayek both stress is the one between law and legislation. Boudreaux illustrates this with three nice examples, two of law and one of legislation. On the law side, he tells a story that... MORE

Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth

International Trade
David Henderson

No More Stiglers

Economic Methods
David Henderson
I've been pondering a post that development economist Chris Blattman wrote earlier this month. It's disturbing, partly on its own and partly because it meshes with other things that are clearly observable in the economics profession. Here's part of his... MORE

Economics Strikes Again: Stereotypes Give Way to Information

Behavioral Economics and Rationality
David Henderson
Another classic study by Darley & Gross published in 1983, found that people applied a stereotype about social class when they saw a young girl taking a math test, but did not when they saw a young girl not taking... MORE

My Comments on George Shultz's 95th Birthday

Economic Philosophy
David Henderson
On December 11, I chaired a panel at the Hoover Institution as part of a day-long celebration of George Shultz's 95th birthday. On the panel I chaired were, in order of speaking, David Davenport of Hoover, Heather MacDonald of the... MORE

In Praise of Costco Competition

Business Economics
David Henderson
I had a wonderful experience at Costco in Sand City, California on Friday. I spent about $50 and saved about $350 and a lot of time. First, some background. Whenever I travel, I take my pair of glasses that... MORE

Freakonomics on Immigration

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing
David Henderson
Freakonomics has a nicely balanced treatment of the immigration controversy, highlighting the thinking of "open borders" advocate Alex Tabarrok, an economics professor at George Mason University and one of the two bloggers at; Michael Clemens, a senior fellow at... MORE

Pinker on Intelligence, Liberalism, and Economic Literacy

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
David Henderson
In the second-last chapter of his excellent book The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined, Harvard University psychology professor writes, in a short section subtitled "Intelligence and Liberalism": Now we get to a finding that sounds more... MORE

High Compliments from Alvin Rabushka

David Henderson
One of my favorite Hoover colleagues, Alvin Rabuskha, in a post titled "Kudos to Econlog," writes: EconLog is among the top economics blogs and among my favorites. I open it daily and sometimes several times a day. Its bloggers are... MORE

If Politicians are Evil, What Do We Do?

Public Choice Theory
David Henderson
I've been pondering co-blogger Bryan Caplan's post "How Evil are Politicians?" for the last week. As always, Bryan states his case well. And I found little in it to disagree with. But for some reason, I didn't find it compelling.... MORE

In two words, "It's complicated." In October, I challenged co-blogger Scott Sumner's claim that the Liberal Party's electoral win in Canada would lead to an increase in freedom. Recall that Scott had written: Yesterday's win for the Canadian Liberals was... MORE

Question for Bill Bradley

Regulation and Subsidies
David Henderson
Update below: I attended George Shultz's 95th birthday party at the Hoover Institution last night. George is nothing if not ecumenical, which is one of his best qualities. So George was the one who invited former U.S. Senator Bill... MORE

That is the longest title I've ever used. But I couldn't figure out a way to shorten it. Why am I asking? Because in a post this morning, that's what Tyler Cowen advocates. In a piece on gun control and... MORE

From the Horse's Mouth

Politics and Economics
David Henderson
Later, at the site where world leaders are meeting to negotiate a climate pact outside of Paris, [California governor Jerry] Brown urged a small crowd to "never underestimate the coercive power of the central state in the service of good."... MORE

Garett Jones and Charles Tiebout

Game Theory
David Henderson
I haven't read Garett Jones's book Hive Mind yet and so what I'm about to write is based on my trusting Scott Alexander to accurately characterize Garett's argument. In his review of Garett's book, Alexander summarizes part of Garett's argument... MORE

Rousu on The Hunger Games

Central Planning vs. Local Knowledge
David Henderson
The Hunger Games also does a good job of showing the poverty that results from this form of government control. An economy is not well-served when government violates people's right to sort themselves into the work they can best accomplish.... MORE

Numeracy and the Paris Attacks

Economic Education
David Henderson
One of my pleasures in teaching is learning that students have taken things they've learned and passing them on to their colleagues, friends, and families. That happened recently in my distance learning class. A few weeks ago, in a 40-minute... MORE

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