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Another Case Against Education

David Henderson
In responding to Tyler Cowen's claim that high school students have a low opportunity cost and, therefore, it's not a big mistake to make them learn a foreign language, co-blogger Bryan Caplan writes: This is probably my biggest disagreement... MORE

What can school choice accomplish?

Central Planning vs. Local Knowledge
Scott Sumner
I've always been a big fan of school choice, indeed I'd like to entirely abolish the public school system and move to 100% private education. Having public schools makes no more sense than having a public church. At the same... MORE

Kevin Williamson on education and politics

Alberto Mingardi
I've grown fonder and fonder of National Review's Kevin D. Williamson. Williamson thinks clearly and writes clearly. He is witty, ironic, linear, and persuasive in his arguments. His latest column is particularly noteworthy. Williamson, loyal to a version of... MORE

Laureate Lessons for Education

Amy Willis
We've reported on this month's announcement of the Nobel prize to Oliver Hart and Bengt Holstrom. (Here is David Henderson's always excellent commentary in the Wall Street Journal.) Since then, this piece in Education Next caught my eye. It... MORE

Moving Across My Monitor

Economic Education
Amy Willis
I loved reading John Cochrane's reflections on his EconTalk conversation with Russ Roberts (this week's episode) on his blog, The Grumpy Economist. Who doesn't want affordable housing? Reforming zoning codes to encourage more is theory. The Nobel prize... MORE

Vox has a new article on political correctness: Academic freedom is the sine qua non of higher education. Students ought to be challenged, even made uncomfortable, in order to learn in deep and meaningful ways. And, of course, collegiate education... MORE

Mark Blaug Student Essay Competition

Emily Skarbek
Mark Blaug (1927-2011) was an economist best known for his work in history of economic thought and the methodology of economics. He was a student of George Stigler at Columbia in the 1950s and went on to teach at Yale,... MORE

Teaching the Children by Example

Economic Philosophy
David Henderson
Here's a letter I had published in today's Monterey Herald. What's important is not so much the measure being debated and voted on, but the way the local school district used our money. It was the lead letter in the... MORE

When I taught at Rhodes College, I had a serious conversation with a colleague about whether accounting should be considered part of the core of a solid liberal education. We agreed that it should: beyond the fact that imparts vocational... MORE

I've done a lot of interviews on education at EconTalk and there's always more to learn. There were two moments that really stuck with me from this conversation with Elizabeth Green about her book, Building a Better Teacher. One is... MORE

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