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Emily Skarbek: January 2016

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J.S. Mill and Extreme Pornography

Economic History
Emily Skarbek
Tyler Cowen's post on Marginal Revolution today gives an interesting take on the effects of jettisoning Millian liberalism from the left / Progressive ideology. Not only would eugenicist ideas have never gained any traction historically, he argues, but the lack... MORE

SOAS Policy Forum on Sweatshops

Labor Market
Emily Skarbek
On Monday I gave a talk at SOAS University London for a group of students titled "Can Sweatshops Help the World's Poorest?" The gist of the talk was to present basic economic reasoning on wage determination and wage composition, and... MORE

The Institutions of Forensic Science

Economics of Crime
Emily Skarbek
Without posting any spoilers, it's fair to say that the new Netflix sensation, Making a Murderer, has sparked a significant discussion on the effectiveness of the US criminal justice system. Bravo. A much more critical attitude towards US incarceration practices... MORE

How We Count Counts: Diane Coyle on The Rise and Fall of American Growth

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings
Emily Skarbek
Diane Coyle has reviewed Robert Gordon's new book (out late January), The Rise and Fall of American Growth: The U.S. Standard of Living since the Civil War. Gordon's central argument will be familiar to readers of his work. In his... MORE

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