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Emily Skarbek: February 2016

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Some Economics of Tipping and Take Away

Emily Skarbek
Munger and Roberts have a great Econtalk where they briefly discuss restaurant pricing schemes and the puzzle of why it is not usually cheaper to have take-away (a.k.a. "to go") when clearly the cost of producing the good is cheaper... MORE

Tim Besley's inaugural lecture as the W. Arthur Lewis Professor of Development Economics at LSE can best be summed up as drawing attention to the rise and importance of political economy for understanding questions of economic development. A brief... MORE

Venezuela's Tiger

Monetary Policy
Emily Skarbek
Often economists want to isolate questions of public debt and analyse these issues as if public choice considerations weren't at play. Perhaps less studied are the ways in which debt practices can systematically exert pressure on formal political institutions. But... MORE

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