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Emily Skarbek: April 2016

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The Real Adam Smith

Political Economy
Emily Skarbek
I have just come across a nice two part documentary on Adam Smith available at Free to Choose TV. The videos give those unfamiliar with Smith's thought a good introduction to his life and work in both the Theory of... MORE

Adam Smith on Sincerity and Political Rhetoric

moral reasoning
Emily Skarbek
Adam Smith argues that political leaders rely on decorum to shape their rhetorical appeals, and that voters look for the fit between speech and character to gauge moral trustworthiness. In other words, the audience of a politician is attracted to... MORE

Buyer Licencing of Illegal Drugs

Emily Skarbek
"The uncertainties associated with the precise nature of legalization regimes and with their expected outcomes sometimes are used to justify the maintenance of drug prohibition. This paper details the role that buyer licensing and exclusion might play in implementing a... MORE

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