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Emily Skarbek: May 2016

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Carl Menger 2016 Essay Contest

Austrian Economics
Emily Skarbek
Attention undergraduates and undergraduate educators - one week remains to submit papers for the 5th annual Carl Menger Essay Contest! The purpose of the contest is to recognize and encourage undergraduate scholarship in the Austrian tradition and the broadly catallactic... MORE

Arguments from the Exit Side of Brexit

Political Economy
Emily Skarbek
My sense is that most of the coverage of Brexit in the US comes down in favour of remaining in the EU. That is the case put forward in Dalibor Rohac's new book. And for onlookers, I think it is... MORE

Vote Buying and Political Business Cycles

Public Choice Theory
Emily Skarbek
Traditional theories of political business cycles - Nordhaus (1975), MacRae (1977), Persson and Tabellini (1990) - predict monetary expansions in the run up to an election. Stimulating the economy, they argue, can help the incumbent politicians win elections. These theories... MORE

Happy Birthday, F. A. Hayek!

Austrian Economics
Emily Skarbek
Today is F.A. Hayek's birthday. To celebrate, I'd like to briefly comment on particular facet of Hayek's thought that has influenced the way I see the world - his view of individualism 'true'. In his brilliant essay, Individualism: True... MORE

Victims of Communism Day

Emily Skarbek
Yesterday Ilya Somin reminded readers of the Washington Post of his ongoing support for changing May 1st from a celebration of communists, socialists, and labor unions - to a holiday that commemorates the millions who have died because of communist... MORE

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