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Emily Skarbek: June 2016

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Mark Blaug Student Essay Competition

Emily Skarbek
Mark Blaug (1927-2011) was an economist best known for his work in history of economic thought and the methodology of economics. He was a student of George Stigler at Columbia in the 1950s and went on to teach at Yale,... MORE

The results of the referendum are in and the UK has voted to leave the European Union. The official campaign was littered with awful arguments that play to the public's worst sentiments - and the decision was likely driven... MORE

In a new paper, Gillian Hadfield and Barry Weingast argue that regimes characterized by the rule of law are only stable equilibria because of a substantial amount of decentralizing private enforcement. Without mutual expectations and the coordinating properties of... MORE

Pluralism and Civil Society

Central Planning vs. Local Knowledge
Emily Skarbek
Jacob Levy was at King's this past week presenting his NBER working paper "Corps Intermediaries, Civil Society, and the Art of Association". The piece is intended to be a chapter in volume by Naomi Lamoreaux and John Wallis that looks... MORE

Chuck Norris vs Communism

Emily Skarbek
Irina Nistor has one of the most famous voices in Romania. While working as a translator of censored television programs in Romania under the Communist regime, she secretly dubbed over 3,000 banned movie titles on VHS tapes smuggled in... MORE

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