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Emily Skarbek: July 2016

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Noah Smith on Milton Friedman

Free Markets
Emily Skarbek
In commenting on Milton Friedman's contributions to economics, it was once remarked that "attempting to portray the work of Milton Friedman . . . is like trying to catch the Niagara Falls in a pint pot." In yesterday's Bloomberg View,... MORE

Turkey's Failed Coup

Public Choice Theory
Emily Skarbek
Reflecting on the recent events in Turkey, Dani Rodrik wrote over at Project Syndicate that he never thought he would see such events "in a country that has come to hate military coups but still loves its soldiers". Knowing little... MORE

Hayek's Views on Emergence

Austrian Economics
Emily Skarbek
In an interesting new paper, my colleague Paul Lewis discusses the origins of Hayek's views on emergence in his work on theoretical psychology and The Sensory Order. Hayek published The Sensory Order in 1952, but he developed the core ideas... MORE

When I watched the video of Philando Castile die from gunshot wounds inflicted by a police officer in the course of a routine traffic stop, a deep sickness swept over me. Sadly, this feeling was not the result of a... MORE

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